Laboratory Techniques

Protein Staining Methods

Introduction Protein separation and identification is critical for proteome analysis and requires high resolution and powerful protein characterization after gel electrophoresis. To identify the proteins in

Laboratory Techniques

Zinc Staining Protocol

Introduction The reversible Zinc stain is a widely used staining method for the detection of proteins fractionated by polyacrylamide gels or SDS denatured gels. The Zinc

Laboratory Techniques

Ponceau S Stain Protocol

Need stains for your experiments? Click here Introduction Ponceau S staining is a rapid and reversible staining method used for the detection of protein bands on

Laboratory Techniques

Pulse Chase Analysis

Need Incubators for your lab? Click here   As an Amazon Associate Conductscience Inc earns revenue from qualifying purchases   Introduction The pulse-chase analysis is a

Laboratory Techniques

Silver Staining Protocol

Need stains for your experiments? Click here Silver staining is a powerful technique for protein identification in gels as silver binds to chemical sidechains of the

Laboratory Techniques

Southern Blotting Protocol

Need Laboratory Equipment for your reasearch? Click here Southern blotting is a hybridization technique used for deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA). The method was named after Edward

Laboratory Techniques

Affinity Chromatography Protocol

Introduction Affinity chromatography is a versatile separation protocol that uses the biological interactions for characterization and detailed analysis of sample components. It is based on highly

Laboratory Techniques

BRADFORD Protein Determination Protocol

Need Laboratory Equipment for your reasearch? Click here Introduction and Principle Developed by Marion M. Bradford in 1976, the Bradford assay is a quick protocol, and

Laboratory Techniques

Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) Protocol

Introduction Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) is a type of liquid chromatography that provides high resolution by small-diameter stationary phases for protein characterization and separation. The

Filtration Chromatography Protocol
Laboratory Techniques

Gel Filtration Chromatography Protocol

Need benchtop equipment for your lab? Click here Introduction Gel-filtration chromatography, also known as size exclusion chromatography, is a versatile technique that permits the separation of

Laboratory Techniques

Ion-exchange Chromatography Protocol

Introduction Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEC) is a powerful liquid chromatographic technique used for bioseparation. The separation is done by a reversible interaction between charged molecules of

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