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The Top Scientists for your Lab

ConductScience hires an exclusive network of the top Scientists. We pair them with project managers so your lab gets your literature review, manuscript, and protocol written up quickly and efficiently

Our Focus Areas

Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine

Immunology, virology, microbiology, molecular biology, protein chemistry


Neurology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, cardiology, internal medicine, intensive care, dermatology, opthomology, otolaryntology, pediatrics, geriatrics.


Behavioural sciences, neuroscience, developmental science, cell biology, immunology, oncology, physiology and anatomy, systems biology

Ecology and Systems science

Ecology, zoology, conservation biology, environmental chemistry, fishery science, oceanography

Bioinformatics / computational biology

Epidemiology, comparative genomics, computational neuroscience, computational anatomy, phylogenetics, population genetics


Radiographical imaging, structural biophysics, systems neuroscience, synthetic biology, proteomics/genomics, complex systems analysis

Research Services

Argumentative Review Integrative Review Historical Review Methodological Review Systematic Review Theoretical Review Cochrane Reviews Meta Analysis

Protocol Development

Cross Sectional Studies Case Control Studies Longitudinal Studies Pilot studies Randomized Controlled studies

Computer Vision

OpenCV OCR Keras scikit-image matplotlib Image Processing & Classification Image Recognition Face Recognition Facial Expression Recognition Gesture Recognition Car Number Plate Extraction Object detection


Spicy NLTK CNN Textblob gensim for text analysis and processing speech recognition machine translation text to speech conversion speech to text conversion language modelling text mining text classification & summarisation