Conduct Science Social Media

Conductscience provides managed, evidence based knowledge transfer for your social media.
Content Calendars
Content Calendars Scheduled informational content, themed months, and engaging scheduled infographics means your audience is consistently engaged.
Great Documentation
We keep thorough files and documentation about our work. We log customer interactions and provide regular reports so you can focus your energy on other parts of the core business.
Killer Design Work
Our company has a team of designers and artists that create engaging and unique visual content that helps your clients stay engaged.

Our Philosophy

Conductscience provides managed, evidence based knowledge transfer for your social media. Our scientists will work to understand your company and products from a technical and scientific perspective, and manage your social media to target the right audience. Biotech has significant regulatory oversight, and our scientists are well trained and equipped to handle your needs. Social media and digital knowledge transfer tools bridge the gap to your customers.

Quality over Quantity

Our scientists take the time to ensure high quality , informational content for your social media to maximize engagement.

Design Focused

Our dedicated art & design team ensures content is visual and engaging

Detailed Analytics
Understand the impact of your social media with analytics and insight reports
Knowledge and Personality come together
Our PhD/MD level staff scientists work hard to deeply understand your products.
Organized Project Management
You get a dedicated administrative professional that tracks time and hours burned, listens to feedback and engages with you. You’ll be taken care of.

Our Team is our secret

Our scientific team has deep expertise and the credentials to uniquely understand not only the science but also the regulatory landscape on what can be claimed in a social media post. Our team ensures technical and regulatory compliance in creating a unique social media experience.
$1000 per month
15 posts per month across three social media channels
$1500 per month
30 social media posts per month (3 channels). Dedicated PM, art & design.
$2000 per month
Silver + Fully unlimited access to scientific staff for audience commentary. Video Content bonus.

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