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What is the importance of Data Analytics?

It is an important aspect that helps businesses improve performance and efficiency. It plays an important role in banking and financial sectors as it helps them predict market trends and assess risks. It reveals credit scores that affect everyone in determining lending risks. It also detects and prevents fraud from improving efficiency for financial institutions.


The way data analytics is revolutionizing the healthcare sector is obvious through its help in predicting patient outcomes, improving diagnostic techniques, and allocating funding efficiently. 


Data analytics have helped scientists in scientific research by using advanced analytic techniques. These techniques find trends in complex systems. Data analysts specialize in trend identification by reading and interpreting data.

Type of Data Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

The process of analyzing and interpreting the historical data to understand various changes that occurred in business over this period. This process helps analysts draw comparisons by 4using a range of historic data.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics involves studying the data to determine the causes of correlations and trends between variables. It is the next step after descriptive analytics is done manually. This type is used to examine market trends, explain customer behavior, identify technical issues, and improve company culture. It helps analysts know why something has happened at this time.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses modeling techniques and statistics to make future predictions about the outcomes and performance of the business. It uses advanced analytics techniques like data mining, modeling, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to look at the historical and current data patterns and determine if they are likely to emerge again.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics help analysts prescribe what move to make next to eliminate the future risks or take full advantage of a promising trend that is most likely to come in the future. It is used for making important investment decisions, lead scoring, content curation through algorithms recommendations, banking sector for fraud detection, product management, and marketing sectors for email automation.

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Data Analytics
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