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Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Procurement Services for Research Institutions and Laboratories

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Product Sourcing & Handling

We handle interactions with scientific vendors, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration to identify and source scientific products, equipment, and lab consumables from reliable suppliers.

IT Products Selection & Sourcing

We assist in selecting, procuring, and sourcing IT products to meet your institution's need, including cost analyses to optimize your procurement decisions.

Vendor Management & Order Processing

We manage the procurement process, including competitive pricing and cost-saving agreements with vendors, also order placement, tracking, and ensuring timely delivery of supplies

Network & System Management

We help manage network and system inventory, ensuring efficiency and productivity and provide support for hardware and software licensing, including server management.

Inventory Management & Quality Control

We help streamline inventory management, ensuring you have an adequate supply of scientific materials meeting regulatory standards and quality control requirements.

Customized Solutions

We provide tailored procurement solutions based on the unique needs of your research institution or company.

Accelerate your scientific breakthroughs while we take care of your procurement needs

At Conduct Science, we offer comprehensive scientific procurement services to meet the specific needs of research institutions and laboratories. Our procurement services include vendor management, product sourcing, competitive pricing, order processing, inventory management, compliance and quality control, supplier evaluation, and customized solutions. 

With our expertise in the scientific field and extensive network of trusted suppliers, we ensure a seamless procurement process, providing you with high-quality scientific products and equipment.

A Unique Procurement Solution Experience

ConductScience guarantees a unique experience for all your scientific and administrative needs.

As a trusted provider of comprehensive procurement solutions, we are committed to supporting our customers while focusing on their core objectives, whether it’s advancing scientific research, improving healthcare outcomes, or driving innovation in your industry.

Access to a Wide Range of Products

Through our extensive network of suppliers and partnerships, we offer access to a vast selection of products. Our procurement services go beyond traditional laboratory distribution channels, ensuring you have access to a diverse range of high-quality items that are not easily available elsewhere.

Experience the convenience, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of Conductscience’s Procurement Services. Let us handle your procurement needs so that you can focus on what matters most—making a difference in your field and achieving your goals.

Our Procurement Process


We understand your specific procurement needs and requirements through an initial consultation.

Strategy Development

Collaboratively develop a customized procurement strategy tailored to your company and budget.

Supplier Selection

Carefully evaluate and select reliable suppliers based on quality, reliability, and track record from our database of partners.

Product Sourcing

Identify and source scientific products, equipment, and lab consumables from trusted suppliers.

Order Placement

Efficiently place accurate and timely orders offering administrative solutions, with selected vendors.

Order Tracking and Delivery

Monitor orders to ensure timely delivery, keeping you informed of the progress.

Why Choose Conduct Science?

Scientific Expertise

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and understanding of scientific procurement in research environments.

Extensive Supplier Network

Gain access to our extensive network of reliable suppliers, ensuring access to high-quality products.