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Innovation, quality, discovery and evolution are part of Science.

Science in words

Our team of scientists and writers will support you and produce high-quality, unique, relevant, and engaging content that highlights your research and reach the right audience. 

Whether you’re applying for a grant, writing for a journal, or presenting your research, your writing must be interesting, professionally written, and sufficiently compelling for review and approval and to stay relevant.

The way you share your science is critical to reach the right audience

Our team can help you to unlock your technical knowledge and transform it into easy-to-understand material. A good content strategy and creative writers are needed in order to make timely content and improve your research or product presentation.

Life Science is becoming more relevant these days and helping users understand processes, techniques, and new devices is a vital part of this field. Users are in need of easy-to-digest content, and high-quality information and feel at ease when using scientific devices. We can help you with that.

Our Writing Process

Brief review

Send us a quick brief describing your writing requirements. We review the brief and assign it to our writers who would be the best fit for your project based on relevant background and experience.


Let's meet (via phone or video call) to discuss your project and fully understand the scope, intention, and audience of your piece(s). During this call, we also discuss turnaround times. 


We send you the first draft for your review and you give us any feedback, criques, and changes you would like made. We make those changes within 24 hours.

Final Deliverables

We deliver a clean version of your document to your email after you approve the final draft. We are happy to proofread it after your final comments! 

Let us do the writing!

We focus on:

Grant Writing

Journal Writing

Peer review Articles

Non-peer review articles

White papers and more!

Change the world with Science, we do the writing

Grant Writing can be easy

At ConductScience, we understand that grant writing is not an easy field. Writing a grant takes time, concentration, and special writing skills. We are a team of scientists and writers that want to help to change the world through science and we understand the struggles of grant writing.

We can help you with your grant proposal, edit your manuscripts, write your grant, and support you during the submission process.  

Our Grant Writing Process

What We Do

Defining the Proposal

Grant Writing

Editing Process

Grant Review & Submission

Choose what you need

Our Pricings

$0.35 /Per Word

Light Writing

(Starting price)
  • Neuroscience-based content written in a format that is accessible to general audiences.
  • 500 words writing
  • Correction, formatting and checking for the first 5 references.
  • 7 helpful comments (at least) to add value to your manuscript.
$0.69 /Per Word

Master Writing

(Starting price)
  • Neuroscience-based content written in a format that is accessible to general audiences.
  • An attractive and accurate summary of your research or company announcements.
  • Making sure it conforms to all journal instructions
  • Free proofread after writing
  • Highly technical and thorough scientific write-ups based on literature and research
  • Cover letter & abstract writing
  • Word count reduction
  • Section rearranging
  • Personalized guidance and revisions

**All costs are estimated for guidance and information. Please inquire for quotes & customizations.



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