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Electrophoresis Products


Primarily used for nucleic acid and protein sequencing via vertical gel electrophoresis

Vertical Electrophoresis Tank

Vertical electrophoresis tanks are ideal for protein separation and identification. In vertical electrophoresis systems, the buffer can only migrate through the gel, allowing accurate voltage control during experiments. If the polyacrylamide gel with a small pore size is used, the vertical gel electrophoresis allows greater separation and resolution than horizontal systems.

Generally used for the analysis and size separation of nucleic acids, i.e., DNA and RNA.

Horizontal Electrophoresis Tank

Horizontal gels are prepared with larger wells that allow the researchers to analyze larger samples.

Horizontal systems provide a higher resolution of protein-RNA complexes than vertical systems. Moreover, the gel can be imaged several times during the experiment.

In addition, horizontal systems generate gels with a large number of wells compared to vertical format; hence, multiple samples can be run simultaneously

Accurate image analysis

Automatic Gel Imaging System

Our System works on the principle that when ultraviolet light is directed towards a gel stained with ethidium bromide, the dye intercalates with DNA’s groove, gets excited, and emits fluorescent light. The researchers can choose from a variety of cameras, transilluminators, and imaging software according to their convenience and experimental requirements

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