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Glassware Bottles

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The Glass bottles provide the handlers with an extraordinary mechanical strength which prevents them from breaking and cracking. They offer a vast and diverse range of applications. The bottles improve handling, sample identification, and ease of use. Also, the bottles and accessories help to make laboratory work more comfortable, safer, and more economical. We provide a diverse range of laboratory bottles to enable the experimenters to perform various research manipulations in them. The glass bottle range includes:

  • Wide mouth polycarbonate bottle
  • PETG media bottle
  • Polycarbonate storage bottle (round and square)

The bottles are provided with reusable screw caps. The grooves and ridges on the screw caps are optimized to provide the user with more efficient and more comfortable tightening or removal, especially with gloved hands. The optimized cap sealing system ensures a liquid-tight seal. The bottles are marked with highly durable white ceramic. White markings on the bottles improve visibility and volume reading even for darker solutions.