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1×2 Teeth Micro Forceps

Muller Micro Forceps

Stille Dressing Forceps w/Flat Tips

Semken Dressing Forceps

English T.O.E Dressing Forceps

Adson Dressing Forceps

Iris Dissecting Forceps

Bishop-Harmon Forceps

St. Martin 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps

Semken 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps

Russian Tissue Forceps

Iris 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps

Hess Tissue Forceps

Grafe 1×2 teeth Tissue Forceps

Adson-Brown 7×7 Teeth Tissue Forceps

Elschling 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps

Castroviejo 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps

Adson 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps

1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps (Standard)

Spencer-Wells Artery Forceps

Rochester-Pean Artery Forceps

Rochester-Carmalt Artery Forceps

Providence Hospital Artery Forceps

Kocher 1×2 Teeth Artery Forceps

Kelly-Rankin Artery Forceps

Kelly Artery Forceps

Halsted 1×2 Teeth Artery Forceps

Halstad Artery Forceps

Crile-Rankin Artery Forceps

Crile Artery Forceps

Baby-Crile Artery Forceps

Jacobson Mosquito Forceps

Hartman Mosquito Forceps

Hartman 1×2 Teeth Mosquito Forceps

Halstead 1×2 Teeth Mosquito Forceps

Halstead Mosquito Forceps

Cover Glass Forceps

Allis Teeth Forceps

Saupe Cilia Forceps with Platform

London College Pliers

Ring Forceps

Backhaus Towel Forceps

Hunter Splinter Forceps

Dual End Micro Spatula with Tip

Cross Action Dressing Forceps

Wachenfeldt Clip Applying Forceps

Baby Mixter Ligature/Dissecting Foreceps

McPherson Forceps with 5mm Platform

Soldering Tweezers

Micro-Adson Fine Ligature Forceps