Strives for Sustainability

ConductScience works to minimize our carbon footprint. Please see our sections below for more information.


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At ConductScience, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. Whenever possible, we follow good environmental practice pertaining to:

  • Purchasing and procurement.
  • Transportation and footprint minimization.
  • Waste management efficiency.
  • Pollution control.


Our commitment ensures continuous QA and review of environmental procedures. 


Working to ensure waste reduction and landfill minimization is critical to our strategy.


Strategic guidance and investment are made by our environmental policy team. This includes:

  • Packaging and plastics utilization.
  • Compliance with local environmental regulations.
  • Energy consumption reduction.
  • Pollution and toxin/waste minimization in production.


ConductScience directors, board members and contributors are to be in compliance with our environmental regulation policies.


Long-term policy implementation and quality improvement is part of our strategic planning.


Here are some tips and recommendations you may want to follow in order to keep a more efficient and sustainable working procedure:

  • Where appropriate, reusable glassware rather than single use plastic is a more environmentally sound choice.
  • Communicate with your apparatus supply division to recycle tip boxes and rack your own tips and other consumables.
  • Have your lab evaluated for energy efficiency to assess where improvements can be made.
  • Get involved in sustainability initiatives and applicable departments at your institution. Don’t have sustainability initiatives at your institution? Perhaps propose or lead the creation of one!


Sharing lab space and equipment is an easy way to reduce energy consumption and equipment costs while making some new friends.


While your lab will have safe methods to dispose of different types of waste, alternative sustainable waste disposal companies may be available in your area to recycle and reuse different types of waste. It is worth researching within your local area for such companies.


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