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CSP – COVID-19: Vaccines and Viruses

The Conduct Science Podcast- COVID-19: Vaccines and Viruses 00:00 - Intro 01:42 - News 11:09 - What is COVID-19 23:45 - Vaccines 41:30 - The different COVID vaccines 51:09 - Updated stats 56:00 - What has a year of lockdwon taught us? 1:03:30 - COVID myths 1:12:20 - Ending and

New Study Links High Level of Estrogen in Womb to Autism

A new study has discovered a connection between high levels of the sex hormone estrogen in the womb, and the possibility of it causing autism. The new research suggests that an increase in the prenatal sex steroid hormones are amongst the possible causes of autism. This isn’t the first time this has been suggested

New Technique Discovered For Easy Autism Detection in Kids

A new study has discovered a new technique that ensures autism spectrum disorder in kids is accurately and quickly detected by doctors. Previously discovered and used autism detection techniques aren’t child-friendly. This study aimed to develop an effective and efficient method for kids. The researchers during the study evaluated 23- neurotypical kids and 17