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New Research About How the Sun Impacts Virus Spread

Why do bacterial and viral infections seem to occur in seasonal cycles? What factors impact this occurrence? And what role does the Sun play in the entire process? About the Research An interdisciplinary research team set out to find answers to the above-mentioned questions. Furthermore, the researchers come from The Italian National Institute for Astrophysics, The University of Milan, The
method section by Conduct Science

The Method Section: Disease in Populations

[nectar_btn size="jumbo" button_style="regular" button_color_2="Accent-Color" icon_family="fontawesome" url="#player" text="Listen Now" icon_fontawesome="fa fa-headphones"] The Method Section: Disease in Populations 00:00 - Intro 02:45 - Coronavirus 05:30 - Pathogens and hosts 05:30 - Viruses 08:10 - Bacteria 09:05 - Parasites 10:50 - Fungal infections 12:31 - Susceptibility 14:36 - Modelling transmission 22:18 - Ending and outro You can listen to The Method Section by
Antibiotic Resistance

New Research May Help in The Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

Scientists are developing a new method for fighting bacterial infections without the need for antibiotics. Through this method, they are able to influence the communication between bacteria cells and to reduce their harmful effect. About the Research The new research on antibiotic resistance prevention comes from bioscience engineers at the KU Leuven in Belgium. For the purpose of this study,
Resistance to Antibiotics

Resistance to Antibiotics Doubles in Twenty Years

Results from a new study purpose that the bacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing. The extent of resistance differs from country to country. This is made obvious through the analysis of 1,232 patients from 18 European countries. If the increase in antibiotics resistance continues the side effects can be potentially devastating for the general population. The increase in antibiotics resistance