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New Study Proposes That Certain Hair Products May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

A new study claims that hair dyes and chemical straighteners may increase the chance of breast cancer. For the purpose of the study, researchers examine the data from 46,709 women. About the Research Research about the potential for artificial dyes and chemical straighteners to cause breast cancer comes from the National Institute of Health. This study utilizes data from previous
method section by Conduct Science

The Method Section: Anti-Cancer Genes

The Method Section: Anti-Cancer Genes 00:00 – Intro 01:59 – The issues of modern whaling (tangent) 03:03 – Back to the intro 03:51 – The paper introduction 06:49 – Results and discussion 08:49 – Anti-cancer genes 12:27 – Comparison between small and large 15:10 – Conclusion 16:43 – Ending and
Protein-Painting Technology

New Protein-Painting Technology Exposes How Cancer Cells Function

New research discovers the location where two proteins combine to protect cancer cells from the immune system. This breakthrough is possible because of innovative protein-painting technology. Also, this novel approach may change the treatment of cancer. However, further research needs to be done before any exact claims can be made. About the Research The research team working on the protein-painting