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lab management

Laboratory test tracking

One of the leading causes of malpractice suits is the failure or breakdown of the laboratory test workflow. An integral part of this workflow is test tracking, which encompasses procedures from the point of test requests, sample collections, analyses, reports, and patient treatment plans. The test tracking system is a mechanism that assures positive identification of a specimen throughout the
lab management

Clinical Laboratory Utilization Management

What is Laboratory Utilization or Lab Stewardship? Clinical laboratory utilization management is concerned with the effective use of resources while ensuring benefit to patients through the administration of appropriate tests at cost-effective rates. It requires the involvement of diverse parties including administrators, clinicians, laboratory personnel, and quality control professionals. In the recent past, the term laboratory stewardship has been preferred

Endometrial Diseases Can Now be Imitated in a Lab Dish

Endometrial diseases can now be studied in the laboratory with the aid of specialized dishes. Endometrial disorders are potentially lethal conditions that are associated with female infertility and endometriosis cancer. Conventional methods of research are not able to epitomize the heterogeneity and nature of these diseases, which delays clinical and scientific progress. The new study method gives scientist a way