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CSP: Regenerative Farming – Jennifer Maynard (Interview)

The Conduct Science Podcast: Regenerative Farming - Jennifer Maynard (Interview) 00:00 - Intro 01:20 - Background 05:30 - What is regenerative farming? 13:00 - Why should we care abuot diverse farming? 21:00 - Stress our plants! 22:45 - Ploughing is bad 24:45 - how are plants and humans connected 30:00

Extensive Longevity Study May Help in Early Disease Detection

Researchers believe they can make the diagnosis of medical conditions easier with the aid of genetics. Because of this, in this research, a group of scientists looks at genotype and phenotype associations. About the Research A new study on longevity comes from Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI). They are an innovative company that provides data-driven health care to patients and doctors.

Telomerase the Cancer Promoting Enzyme May Also Protect Healthy Cells

The enzyme telomerase protect cancer cells from deterioration. A new study shows that it can have the same effect on healthy cells. Until now scientists thought that the enzyme affects only a small number of cells in the body. However, such a perspective is now changing. About the Research This study is under the coordination of the University of Maryland
Longevity Biomarkers

Longevity Biomarkers Found in Mice

Human longevity is an important aspect of pharmaceutical and medical research. There are many substances and dietary additives that are known to have a positive effect on human health. Until now little extensive research about the body mechanisms that influence longevity exists. A new study on mice looks at 8 different longevity interventions and compares their influence on rodent health