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CSP Revisit: Senses

CSP Revisit: Senses 00:00 – Intro06:00 – Synaesthesia tangent09:20 – News15:00 – Facts28:00 – The Senses37:23 – Predicting the future44:45 – How the brain processes senses52:05 – Smell and diet55:00 – AI with human senses1:02:00 – Ending and Outro You can listen to The Conduct Science Podcast by using the player above, searching for “The Conduct Science Podcast” on any

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‘The Gate of Consciousness’ Maybe Discovered

What is the 'gate of consciousness?' If you go to a buzzy city square during a workday and stand, your brain will register all the commotion. However, your conscious mind will only register the most important aspects in the surrounding. For instance, if a car is approaching you at high speed or someone is standing too close to you. What
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The Method Section: Vocal Learning and the Brain

The Method Section: Vocal Learning and the Brain 00:00 - Introduction 02:43 - Vocal learning 08:32 - Kuypers-Jurgens hypothesis 13:30 - Kuypers research 14:53 - Jurgens research 16:13 - Support for the Kuypers-Jurgens hypothesis 16:31 - Can it be proven? 21:11 - Recent tech 21:50 - Ending and outro You
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The Method Section: Writing a Paper and Neuroscience

The Method Section: Writing a Paper and Neuroscience - Timestamps 00:00 – Intro 02:31 – The process of writing a paper 05:01 – Where I am in the process 07:29 – The problem with neuroscience 08:03 – What I’ve learnt this week! The corpus callosum! 16:43 – Alzheimer’s in dolphins
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ConductScience Podcast: Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence – Timestamps 00:00 – Hello, welcome and introduction to Mitch 01:18 – Introduction to neuroscience 07:00 – EMDR therapy and mental disorders in modern society 18:59 – Modelling the brain with AI 22:20 – Central vs peripheral brain systems 26:10 – Autonomy in society and the workforce 33:50 – Cyborg rats 38:25 – Could we control

Dr. Jeffrey Krichmar

Under the Microscope with Dr. Jeffrey Krichmar

For years scientists have struggled on how to find a way to model and study the brain, something that we so very much rely on but is also such a big mystery to us. One person who is making and has made significant advances in this field is Doctor Jeffrey Krichmar of the University of California Irvine. As in many