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nuclear magnetic resonance

Laboratory Techniques

The Nuclear Overhauser Effect

Introduction The nuclear overhauser effect is defined as a change in the integrated intensity of one spin when the equilibrium population of another spin is perturbed by saturation or inversion. So, it is the transfer of nuclear spin polarization from one spin-active nucleus to another. However, the nuclei being irradiated should be closer to the other nuclei, in space, to
Lab Basics

1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Chemical shifts

NMR spectroscopy (more information here) is an ideal technique for identifying the structure of molecules. In order to elucidate the structure of a molecule using NMR spectroscopy, we require the sample itself, a reference molecule, and a deuterated organic solvent. This mixture is taken in a thin NMR tube and loaded in the NMR machine. Briefly, in the presence of