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CSP: Nuclear Technology

The Conduct Science Podcast: Nuclear technology 00:00 - Intro 01:50 - News 05:00 - Facts 09:25 - What is it? 15:25 - Fission 19:00 - Chernobyl 23:00 - Fusion 26:00 - Schooling tangent 27:45 - Bombs 41:35 - Other nuclear tech uses 54:36 - Thorium reactor 58:00 - Ending and

CSP: Drugs

The Conduct Science Podcast: Drugs 00:00 - Intro 02:00- News 08:30 - Facts 10:19 - What are drugs? 17:20 - Bath salts 20:00 - How medical drugs are administered 30:10 - Why are drugs addictive? 33:20 - How drugs affect the brain 39:20 - Marijuana 46:45 - LSD 58:29 -
Chronic rhinosinusitis

Chronic Rhinosinusitis May Soon be Treatable with Medication

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a condition treatable only with the aid of surgery. However, new medical research explores treatment through the use of medication. This condition is also known as the “asthma of the sinuses”. CRS is an inflammatory process that affects the nasal and sinus mucous membrane. Furthermore, it often occurs together with nasal polyps. About the Study The
Protein Hydrogel

Thermo-Responsive Protein Hydrogel Expected to Revolutionize Medical Treatment

Scientists are developing a protein-based gel substance for more effective delivery of medication. This new hydrogel is a three-dimensional polymer network. Because of this, the gel reacts to chemical and physical stimuli like temperature and acidity. As a result, the substance can transform reversibly from solution to gel depending on its surrounding. This invention is unique and it is the
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Conduct Science Podcast: Addiction

Addiction - Timestamps 00:00 – Intro 1:10 – Factoids 11:55 – What we think we know about addiction 20:08 – Addiction treatment 36:10 – Gaming addiction 56:57 – Social media addiction 1:06:51 – Ending and Outro You can listen to The Conduct Science Podcast by using the player above, searching