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under the microscope with Derek Edwards

Under the Microscope with Derek Edwards

Entrepreneurship is not for the feint hearted, it takes a lot of resiliance that must present itself in many different forms. This must be even more so when you are one of the first companies in the world to be venturing onto a select course. Derek Edwards and Christain Lent

Under the Microscope with Dr. Kevin Arbuckle

The study of evolutionary biology is not one that makes the spot light very often, unless through the window of human evolution. Today, Tom and Dr. Kevin Arbuckle discuss what it means to be an evolutionary biologist and the many uses and importances it holds. Evolutionary biology mainly uses phylogenetic

Under the Microscope with Francesca Trotman

Marine conservation is one of the hottest topics on the planet. From plastic pollution to mass coral bleaching events, scientists all over the world are doing their bit to try and combat this global crisis. Francesca Trotman and her team at Love the Oceans are trying to do just this
Under the Microscope with Dr. John Boyd

Under the Microscope with Dr. John Boyd

~~This episode is dedicated to Dr. Robert Levine, who's work was instrumental in forming the theory of Time Perspective. He was a mentor, a friend and he shall be missed dearly by all those around him, especially those now working on his legacy: Time Perspective. ~~ Time, it is something that governs all of our lives, but the way that