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Conduct Science Editing

We create next generation solutions for healthcare on top of our products and HL7® FHIR® standard​

Our toolbox for Implementati on Science

Integrated knowledge translation (IKT)

The failure to put research findings into action is a major societal issue and contributes to an estimated $200B (USD) of wasted research funding. All of our tools are built around the idea that research should be disseminated for maximum ROI. This includes 4 parts: Reach, Adoptation, Implementation, Maintenance

Animal Lab

Anesthesia, Animal Ventilation, Mazes and more

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Simian Labs makes VR Science easier than ever before.

Virtual Reality for Scientific Experiments

Simian Virtual Reality is a web-based publisher for scientific experiments. Your experiment is built for you, the data is generated and outputted to you in easy to publish formats.