The Conduct Science Podcast: Simulation Theory

00:00 – Intro

3:55 – Factoids

07:45 – What is simulation theory?

29:50 – The five assumptions of simulation theory

33:00 – Does simulation remove free will? (Tangent)

38:05 – Back to the five assumptions

45:15 – Why we are not in a simulation

52:55 – Proof that we are

58:20 – Red or Blue pill?

1:03:03 – Ending and Outro

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This week on The Conduct Science Podcast Tom returns to join Mitch as they discuss simulation theory! Is it a completely theoretical stipulation or are you living in a simulated world right now? The boys discuss the ins and outs of simulation theory including the assumptions that need to be met if its real and the implication this has on our lives. Is there proof for its existence or do we understand too little about the universe to decide? And if it were you would you take the red or blue pill? Music by: Joakim Karud –

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