The Method Section: Alzheimer’s and Dolphins


00:00 – Intro

02:39 – What is Alzheimer’s and why is this research important

06:26 – Why dolphins?

09:21 – Why have only humans shown Alzheimer’s until now?

12:20 – The research

14:38 – Dolphins as bioindicators and Alzheimer’s

16:05 – Round up and anti-cancer genes

17:35 – Ending and outro

Episode Description

This week in the method section, Tom takes a look at Alzheimer’s! Now, why is a marine biologist talking about Alzheimer’s? Good question! There have been some remarkable steps forward in the realm of Alzheimer’s and dementia research from an unlikely source…dolphins. Tom looks through the latest research and updates from the marine mammal science field and how, in the near future, they will help us to unravel the mysteries of this devastating disease.

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