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The Method Section: Social Cognition and Language

method section by Conduct Science

The Method Section: Social Cognition and Language

00:00 – Introduction

03:44 – Social cognition and language

09:56 – Mechanisms of language

16:23 – Summary

17:53 Ending and Outro

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This week on The Method Section, Tom takes a look at social cognition and language. Why are social cognition and language so tightly linked? Explore why language is such a fundamental property of humanity, why it led to our success and why it is thought as the crucial mechanism for the advancement of cultural complexity. Here you will also find out about the underlying mechanisms of language and where else we see them in the animal kingdom, and why exploring the evolutionary history of animals that don’t have the uniquely human trait of language is important to understanding it. Music by: Joakim Karud –

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By Tom Jenks

Hello! I am a graduate marine biologist heading into a specialization of marine mammals! Here at Conduct Science, I am the lead of Team Kilo, we produce articles and The Conduct Science Podcast hosted by myself and Mitch. Come listen to us talk about a whole variety of topics, new episodes every Thursday! I also host an interview series called Under the Microscope where I talk to scientists from around the world in many different fields about their experience, work, and methodologies. And as if that wasn’t enough content every Friday I release a short-form podcast called The Method Section, which is aimed at scientists old and new looking at the community, methodologies, and many other topical and interesting science news!

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