Virtual Reality Software Solution

Create and execute tests and tasks according to your requirements.

Improve your scalability and expertise

Digital solutions in Virtual Reality for the analysis of human behavior and cognition

Custom paradigms with modular environments

VR Maze Solutions

InMind VR aims to create specific environments for a wide range of requirements such as simple mazes to study spatial memory or hypnosis protocols and push the boundaries of human behavioral exploration.
With custom paradigms and modular environments, the operator has the ability to create and execute tests and tasks to their customized needs including customization of parameters analyzed of the interaction of patients with the environment. VR tracking combined with physiological external parameters can also be recorded. The VRMaze solution can be applied to the fields of scientific research, diagnostics and physical or neurological therapy, operational monitoring, simulations, etc.

What you can do with VR Maze Solution


Design your own experiments


Record and lunch your data


Analyze and share your research

An operating solution for cave systems and simulation

VR Maze SIM Solution

The operation of an immersive room or “cave” requires advanced knowledge in computer science and specialized hardware and software. InMind VR addresses that experts within their fields do not have to become VR experts to conduct VR studies. VR Maze Sim allows for the visualization of various models without the user is an expert in programming.

What you can do with VR Maze SIM Solution


3D VR Environments into your “cave”


One-click hardware & scenario launch

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