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    22L Round Bottom Flask

      Our 22L Round Bottom Flask features extended necks to accommodate expansion during the process.   

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  • Glassware Alembic Head - Product Image - ConductScience

    Alembic Head

    Image for: 45/50 inner joint and a 29/42 inner drip tip sidearm. Volume ≤ 2L.

    Custom Alembic Glass for condensing solvents from distillation, primarily ethanol or acetic acid solutions.

    Made of borosilicate glass.

    May also be used with any boiling flask with a 45/50 joint, or an adapter.

    For more information, request a quote.



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    Beaker Low Form Graduated 5mL – 5000 mL

    Our Low Form Beakers are ideal for all general laboratory procedures to mix and prepare solutions in the lab.

  • Burettes “Auto Zero” Pack

      SKU Product Description QTY LBG-ABU-GK-10-A Burette Auto Zero, with G/Key S/C ‘A’ 10 ml. 1 LBG-ABU-GK-25-A Burette Auto Zero, with G/Key S/C ‘A’ 25 ml. […]

  • Burettes with Screw Type PTFE Valve Pack

      SKU Product Description QTY LBG-BU-RF-10-A Burette with Screw type PTFE Valve S/C ‘A’ 10 ml. 1 LBG-BU-RF-25-A Burette with Screw type PTFE Valve S/C ‘A’ […]

  • Burettes with Straight Bore Pack

      SKU Product Description QTY LBG-BU-GK-10-A Burette  with straight bore G/Key S/C ‘A’ 10 ml. 1 LBG-BU-GK-25-A Burette with straight bore G/Key S/C ‘A’ 25 ml. […]

  • Erlenmeyer Flask Conical N.M. Grad. 5000 ml. (25 pcs)

      SKU Capacity (ml) Approx Neck (OD mm) Graduation (Interval ml) LBG-FC-NM-25 25 22 – LBG-FC-NM-50 50 22 – LBG-FC-NM-100 100 22 25 LBG-FC-NM-150 150 28 […]

  • Erlenmeyer Flask Conical N.M. Graduated

    An Erlenmeyer flask, also known as a conical flask, is a type of laboratory flask with a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck. It is typically made of glass or plastic and is used to mix, heat, and store chemicals and other solutions. Graduated Erlenmeyer flasks have measurement markings on the side, usually in milliliters (mL) or ounces (fl oz) to indicate the volume of liquid inside the flask. This allows for precise measurements of the contents of the flask.

    ConductScience offers Erlenmeyer Flasks.

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    Gas Generation Meter

    Prepared for a startup working on printed batteries and intended to measure hydrogen generation in various reactions.For starters, we provided two sample tubes with different orifices.

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    Glass Reflux Bulbs

      Reflux Bulb for lots of simple refluxing. ~30mm in diameter  

  • Glass tubes – 750mm (1pack = 1kg).

    Glass tubes / AR glass, 750mm long ad / mm 4 (pack = 1kg).

    Outer diameter: 4 mm
    Length: 750 mm
    Wall thickness: 900 μm
  • Glass Tubes – 750mm long / 6mm (1pack = 1kg).

    Glass tubes – 750mm long  / 6mm (pack = 1kg)

    Length: 750 mm
    Outer diameter: 6 mm
    Wall thickness: 1.1 mm
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22L Round Bottom Flask
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