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We’re a direct to scientist ecommerce platform that focuses on getting you the lowest cost possible on all the highest scientific instruments. We primarily manufacture and source the highest quality and then deliver them to you direct, without a middleman, saving you significant savings on your grant

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Our goal is to get you more publications for less

Science is becoming more complex by the day. Instead of having to write, research, code, and build every aspect of the lab, let us extend your staff and get the science done faster.


Our Technology Transfer Program

Have you created a new methodology, software, or hardware innovation? We can help manufacture it and replicate it in other laboratories while sharing the revenue with your lab! Invention comes back to science.

Digital Health Solutions

We create digital health solutions for laboratories and help them become technology transferred between universities

Virtual Reality

Building virtual reality solutions for you, that allows scaling in human subjects research


We can help subcontract and make scientific software, attribute it to your laboratory, and create revenue share as other laboratories use it. Private/academic partnerships at its finest

Rodent Mazes

Rodent preclinical mazes is our speciality. If you have a novel design, manufacture it with us and we can assign the rights, branding, and revenue to you

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Let us guide you on the latest and best methodologies for your science

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