August 19, 2019

CRISPRi Expected to Revolutionise Brain Disease Research

Scientists are developing a better technique for studying brain disease. There are reasons to believe genetic mutations cause most of the neurological diseases. But scientists can only now test this theory as they have the necessary tools and techniques. Before the new research, many changes in how scientist use human…
Self-Calibrating Endoscope
August 18, 2019

Self-Calibrating Endoscope Set to Improve our View

New research brought to the world the self-calibrating endoscope that is capable of capturing 3D pictures of tiny objects. The objects in question can be smaller than a single cell. This is a none-invasive tool that can capture the features of living tissues. The new study awaits presentation at the…
Origin of Life
August 9, 2019

Hydrogen-cyanide and Water Reaction as the Origin of Life

New research found a potential explanation for the origin of life. This research builds on existing theories and experiments, but it attempts to paint a more precise picture of the origin of life. The research uses a simulation of Earth’s environment to test a theory about molecule formation. Quick Summary…