Baby Steps LA

At Conduct Science Digital Health we produce digital software that tracks general health, symptoms and generally makes life easier for patients and doctors alike.

We created an app that helps new parents to provide better healthcare for newborn children, it is called Baby Steps LA.

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Digital Health solutions

ConductScience Digital Health, utilizes a multimodal approach to encourage and monitor weights loss in an obese pediatric population. 120 children are enrolled in this trial to identify activity patterns critical to meaningful weight loss

Improving Healthcare for new parents

Easy-to-use and intuitive experience

At Conduct Science Digital Health we develop software that keeps track of your health, making life easier for you and your healthcare provider. One of our most recent projects is Baby Steps LA. Baby Steps LA app, helps new parents to provide better healthcare for their newborn children by providing parents with an intuitive user interface.

Some of our Digital Health Solutions


Obesity in the pediatric population


- Fitbit Flex - EHR Data


120 patients in the pediatric population

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