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Automated Stereotaxic Instrument for GRIN Lens Implantation



ConductScience’s Automatic Lens Implantation Locator is a precision instrument used for Grin Lens implantation surgery in deep-brain calcium imaging experiments. The instrument accurately controls the stepper motor through computer software, and then drives the locator operating arm to move, combined with the vacuum pump automatic precision Remove the brain tissue to better implant the lens. The experiment greatly reduced the damage caused by traditional manual operations to the animal brain, thereby improving the quality of neuronal imaging and the success rate of the experiment.



  1. Choose high-precision stepper motor drive, resolution 1μm, running accuracy up to 10μm
  2. The output torque of the motor is large, which can drive other accessories attached to the locator
  3. Save time, set the target position to move independently
  4. Automatic record, display position parameters, reduce human error
  5. The computer interface can display the trajectory and position of the probe in real-time
  6. Can accurately control the depth of entry
  7. Support four types of needle tubes: 30G, 29G, 28G, 27G
  8. The depth, order and repetition times of tissue extraction can be set through software
  9. Bregma point can be set with one click;


Parameter item


Needle tip motion accuracy 10μm
Vacuum pump limit pressure ≥0.095MPa
Vacuum pump operation noise ≤60dB
Pumping speed 30L/Min
Motor torque
X, Y, Z operating arm stroke 0-80mm

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