Top Developers for your Lab

Our top programmers and our project managers work together so your lab gets your app, website, or technology done right

Conduct Science puts your science in the fast lane to publication. Here are the frequently asked questions

Our developer services come with a project manager as well as a senior scientist who can deliver results. Our range of prices is from $45-150 per hour depending on the complexity of your project.

We send you a quote for a bundle of hours (i.e. 10 hours) that then are burned during the time worked. You can see progress tracked to an expected bundle to ensure the project stays on track. Email reports stating burn amount and project progress allow you to evaluate the project as you go so you get results.

Because of the complexity of the field, oftentimes scientists are not aware of the type of engineering for or technology stack they need to execute the project. Our project managers handle this as they have all been trained on understanding the most cost efficient methodology of finding solutions to your problem.

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