Revolutionize Your Research with Dynamic

Open Field Analysis

Discover new horizons in behavioral research with The Open Field. 

Customized Zone Definition

Tailored Precision with The Open Field

At The Open Field, customize zone definitions to match unique research needs. Capture detailed behavior, yielding over 60 measures for comprehensive insights.

Time in the Centre

Measure the duration spent within the central zone, providing insights into exploration tendencies and anxiety-like behavior.

Time in the Wall

 (Thigmotaxis) Zone: Evaluate the time spent in close proximity to the enclosure walls, indicative of thigmotactic behavior and anxiety levels.

Time in the Corners

 Assess the duration spent in the corners of the open field, shedding light on shelter-seeking behavior and risk assessment.

Number of Entries into the Centre

Quantify the frequency of transitions into the central zone, reflecting exploratory tendencies and spatial awareness.

Distance Travelled in the Centre and Wall Zone

Measure the distance covered within specific zones, elucidating locomotor activity and zone-specific exploration patterns.

Total Distance Travelled

Gauge overall locomotor activity and exploration levels by tracking the cumulative distance traveled throughout the test session.

Percentage of Time in the Centre

Calculate the proportion of time spent within the central zone relative to the total test duration, providing a normalized measure of center zone preference.

Number of centre crossings

Count the occurrences of crossings into and out of the central zone, revealing dynamic shifts in exploration behavior.

Unveiling Nuanced Behavior

Advanced Insights with The Open Field

The Open Field goes beyond traditional zone scoring, revolutionizing behavioral analysis by detecting nuanced behaviors like animal movement and orientation.

Immobilization Detection:

Identify periods of immobility, shedding light on moments when animals cease to traverse the open field, offering crucial insights into rest or freeze responses.

Movement Sequences:

Unravel the narrative of movement within the open field as The Open Field detects sequences of transitions between distinct areas. From traversing the central region to circumnavigating the perimeter, every movement is meticulously captured.

Orientation Tracking:

Gain a deeper understanding of animal cognition and spatial awareness by tracking directional orientation. Whether facing towards the central area or orienting towards the enclosure walls, discern the subtle cues guiding your subjects’ behavior.

Unobservable Behaviors

Manual Scoring for Precise Insights

In behavioral analysis, nuanced actions like grooming often elude automated detection. At The Open Field, we offer a solution. Integrate manual scoring to accurately capture grooming behavior with ease. Record essential parameters seamlessly, unlocking deeper insights into behavior beyond automated detection.

Precision Detection
of Rearing Behavior

Elevating Insights
with The Open Field

Elevating Insights with The Open Field: In behavioral research, rearing is pivotal but often challenging to detect accurately. Our specialized photo-beam array, seamlessly integrated with Open Field, revolutionizes rearing detection. Capture every instance with precision, empowering researchers with invaluable insights.

Behavioral Trajectories

Insightful Track Analysis
with The Open Field

At The Open Field, we offer advanced track plotting to visualize animal movement patterns during behavioral tests. Our platform provides invaluable insights, with detailed plots illustrating subjects’ trajectories. Researchers can overlay markers to highlight specific behaviors, facilitating deeper analysis of correlations. Harness our track analysis capabilities to uncover patterns and trends with unprecedented clarity, empowering your research.

Your Experimentation

Efficient Throughput with Multi-Apparatus Tracking

Innovating the pace of experimentation, the Open Field enables seamless multi-apparatus tracking across fields, expediting data collection without sacrificing precision. Setting up is streamlined, with most configurations automatically applied. Run tests independently or synchronized for efficiency. Experience heightened throughput and enhanced control, revolutionizing experimentation with ease.

Flexibility Redefined

Dynamic Customization
with The Open Field

At The Open Field, researchers enjoy unprecedented control and adaptability, modifying parameters seamlessly throughout their experiments. With unparalleled flexibility, redefine zones and sequences effortlessly to match your preferences. Our intuitive interface allows adjustments before, during, or after tests, ensuring precise data collection. Modify parameters with ease, triggering immediate recalculation of results for real-time insights.


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