Rotarod Test


The Rotarod is a widely used behavioral task to assess motor performance in rodents using the natural fear of falling as motivation. The MazeEngineers device and can be customized for speed, acceleration, and is connected and controlled using the easy-to-integrate Conductor Software (Free with the order).

Dividers prevent mice from entering other lanes. Minimal height & soft landing prevents harm after a fall from the bar. The rod itself has horizontal ridges to help the mouse hold onto the rod.

Key Features include:

  • Eliminate run time data entry mistakes by defining the entire study in advance
  • Programmable parameters include:
    • Programmable speed, acceleration, and deceleration
    • Adjust subject falling heights as your study dictates (thus an adjustable height floor that allows for multiple heights when the animal falls.
    • IR floor sensors detect true falls and log into the Conductor Software.
    • Collect animals after completing tests with ease. The Rotarod animal compartments can be completely enclosed to prevent animals from escaping after falling from the rod with a free insert.
Mouse 6 LaneRat 4 Lane
Lane Width: 6cmLane Width: 10cm
Fall Height: 16cmFall Height: 16cm
Rod Diameter: 3cmRod Diameter: 6cm

Additional information


Mouse 6 Lane, Rat 6 Lane



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