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Comprehensive Surgical Kit



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RWD-S11001-08 Spring Scissors (Triangular)-S/S Str/5*0.1mm/8.5cm 1
RWD-S11002-08 Spring Scissors (Triangular)-S/S Cvd/5*0.1mm/8.5cm 1
RWD-S12009-11 IRIS-Fine Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Str/11.5cm 1
RWD-S12010-11 IRIS-Fine Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Cvd/11.5cm 1
RWD-S12003-09 IRIS-Fine Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Str/9.5cm 1
RWD-S12004-09 IRIS-Fine Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Cvd/9.5cm 1
RWD-F11001-11 Micro Forceps-Str, 0.2mm Tips, 11cm 1
RWD-F11004-11 Micro Forceps-Cvd, 0.2mm Tips, 11.5cm 1
RWD-F12010-10 Dressing Forceps-Str, 1.9mm Tips, 10.5cm 1
RWD-F12011-10 Dressing Forceps-Cvd, 1.9mm Tips, 10.5cm 1
RWD-F21001-12 HALSTED Artery Forceps-Str, 2.0mm Tips, 12.5cm 2
RWD-F21002-12 HALSTED Artery Forceps-Cvd, 2.0mm Tips, 12.5cm 2
RWD-F22002-10 HARTMAN Mosquito Forceps-Str, 1.0mm Tips, 10cm 2
RWD-F22003-10 HARTMAN Mosquito Forceps-Cvd, 1.0mm Tips, 10cm 2
RWD-F31047-12 OLSEN-HEGAR Needle Holders with Scissors-Str, 12cm 1
RWD-S13029-14 MAYO-STILLE Dissecting & Operating Scissors-B/B Str/14cm 1
RWD-S15001-11 SPENCER Ligature Scissors (Slender Type-11cm 1
RWD-S21010-15 BOHLER Rongeurs (Double)-Light Cvd/2mm Cup/15.5cm 1
RWD-S22004-11 Bone Cutters with Flat Blades (SGL)-11.5cm 1
RWD-S14014-12 Operating Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Str/12.5cm 1
RWD-S31011-01 11# Scalpel Blades (Box of 100pcs) 1
RWD-S32001-12 Scalpel Handles 3# Solid-12cm 1
RWD-S33009-06 Scalpel Blade Remover-6.5cm 1
RWD-F13019-12 ADSON 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps, 1.5mm, 12cm 1
RWD-R21027-12 STEVENS Hooks, 1 Angled Tooth (5mm long), 12.5cm 1
RWD-R22009-01 ALM 4×4 Teeth Retractors-Blunt, 7cm 1
RWD-R22005-45 3×3 Teeth Retractors-Blunt, 4.5cm 1
RWD-R51003-11 Micro Spatula w/tip W. 2mm x Thk. 0.3mm – Cvd/11cm 1
RWD-F35205-60 Sutures w/Needle-△3/8/2.5×7/30cm/6-0 10
RWD-F35305-50 PGA Sutures w/Needle-○1/2/4×10/90cm/5-0 10
RWD-R31006-06 SS Micro Clamps-Cvd/L*W 6*1mm/17mm 5
RWD-R31005-06 SS Micro Clamps-Str/L*W 6*1mm/15mm 5
RWD-R34001-14 Clip Applicator for R31005- and R31006-Clamps-14cm 1
RWD-SP0000-P Instrument Storage Portfolio, 32*22cm 1


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