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Our RWD-R550 Multi-output Anesthesia Machine is our most advanced system and offers highly efficient, precise gas flow that is easy to use.

  •  Accommodates animals ranging in size from neonate mice to rabbits.
  •  Six outputs supply anesthesia to the induction chamber and up to five masks.
  •  Incorporates two flowmeters: one controls the vaporizer (0-4000cc/min) and the other one controls
  • the induction chamber (0-2500cc/min).
  • Allows investigator flexibility in designing protocols without calculations.
  •  Each output (mask) is individually controlled with simple ON/OFF toggle switch.
  •  Pushbutton oxygen flush purges induction chamber before removing animals.
  • Carry handle facilitates safe, easy transport of the unit.
  • Available in both table top and wall mount, and optional post mount with 5-leg spider base.

  • The built-in temperature compensator ensures the stable concentration of anesthetic gas at different temperatures and flow rates, the flow range is 0.2-10L/min;
  • Mixed anesthetic gas output pressure range △ P ≤ 2.5kPa;
  • Applicable temperature range: 10-35 ℃;
  • Good tightness, internal 50kPa pressure can be maintained, zero leakage, safe and reliable;
  • Internal capacity is not less than 120ml, and the range of isoflurane vaporizer concentration is 0-5% (Sevoflurane: 0-8%);
  • Anti-accident open lock structure and closed state security protection structure to ensure safety


Note: manifold with 4LPM Flowmeter Vaporizers, Inlet/Outlet End Caps, are included in the RWD-R550 series anesthesia machine.

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Isoflurane, Sevoflurane

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Easy Fill, Pour Fill

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