academic career
April 15, 2020

How to Make An Academic Poster

In academia, the communication of your research is essential. Whether you are delivering a presentation, writing a research paper, or making an academic poster, you need to effectively communicate your message. But, not all forms of communication are created equal and creating a poster has its own set of challenges…
academic career
March 31, 2020

Declining Interest in Academic Careers

When individuals begin their Ph.D. studies, the majority of them are hoping for a career in academics. But for some reason or another, many change their minds throughout the process. Why do so many students, at the completion of a Ph.D. and sometimes even their postdoctoral fellowship, decide that an…
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March 10, 2020

Science and Academic Careers at Small Liberal Arts Colleges

When pursing science and a career in academics, the institution is extremely important. Choosing a small liberal arts college, formerly known as a baccalaureate institution is different from a large research university. Liberal arts colleges focus on the education of undergraduates. Offering a broad education with excellent teachers and research…
June 12, 2018

Impact Factors: Measuring Research Success

Impact factor (IF) can be defined as the frequency with which a particular number of articles from a scientific journal are cited within the last few years. Impact factor help reveal the importance of a journal. Impact factors can also be used to rank the available literature in a specific…
January 18, 2018

Resource Identification Initiative

The key to success can be found in the essential principles of the Resource Identification Initiative. The Resource Identification Initiative (RRID) is an innovative system for reporting research resources. It has been designed to support research and foster better reproducibility. Looking back, the Resource Identification Initiative was created to help…