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  • Automatic Commutator

    Unique low-torque active commutator specifically designed to transmit high-speed, high-quality calcium imaging signals from nVista or nVoke during animal free-behavior activity. Features AI tracks animal movements […]

  • optogenetics systems

    Complete Optogenetics System

    Specifications   SKU Product Description QTY RWD-AFG1022 Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator-25MHz 1 RWD-R-LG473-50-A5 Laser (B/G/Y) 1 RWD-R-FC-PC-N3-400-L1 Patchcord 1 RWD-R-FC-1×1 Rotary Joint 1 RWD-R-FC-PC-N3-400-L1 Optical Fiber 1 […]

  • Dual Color Multichannel Fiber Photometry System

    Fiber photometry recording systems record the activity of populations of neurons in specific brain regions through a calcium ion fluorescent indicator.

    ConductScience offers Fiber Photometry System.

  • Fiber Stripper (Tongs)

    Fiber Stripper (Tongs)

     Fiber Stripper – suitable for 100um – 600um fiber Suitable for 100um-800um for stripping fiber coating. Prevents damage to the fiber. All cutting surfaces have precision […]

  • Fiber-Lite Illuminator

    Fiber-Lite Illuminator

    This device is a fiber-beam cold light source that has dual-fiber coaxial lighting, good field of view brightness, stable output voltage, safe and reliable bulb use, compact appearance, and more features. It can ensure a clear view under the microscope in ordinary rooms, and It has little effect on the observation index.

    ConductScience offers the Fiber Lite Illuminator.

  • Optogenetics Laser Power Meter - Product Image - ConductScience

    Laser Power Meter

    Laser power meters are extensively used in laser-equipped laboratories to measure laser powers and observe the continuous wave (CW laser). They are used to analyze lasers within a particular wavelength and intensity range.

    The silicon photodiode-based LP1 laser power meter has a spectral range of 400nm to 1100nm. It uses 633nm of He-Ne laser as a reference wavelength. The spectral sensitivity conversion table given with the apparatus is used for the characteristic measurement of wavelengths between 400-1100nm. It can be installed conveniently, has a small volume, and shuts down automatically after half an hour to facilitate power saving.

    ConductScience offers rodent laser power meters.

  • Motorized Micromanipulator

    The MM-500 is designed to meet the diverse positioning needs of the scientific community for patch-clamp experiments, extracellular recording, microinjection, intracellular recording, and precision robotic positioning applications.

  • Optogenetics Kit

    Optogenetic Stimulation Kit

    The application of optogenetics has been rapidly developing since 2010, it’s research field covers several classical experimental animal species, such as flies, mice, rats, zebrafish, primates (Monkey, cynomolgus monkey, rhesus monkey, etc.). These animals generally have the advantages of short developmental and reproductive cycle and easy integration of foreign genes, thus facilitating the introduction of Photosensitive Protein Gene and the screen of the state of expression.

  • Optogenetics Ceramic Cannula

    Optogenetics Ceramic Cannula

    Comes in a package of 20. For use in a temporary connection between two optical fibers. Diameters: 1.25 mm and 2.5Lengths are 7 mm and 11. […]

  • Optogenetics Ceramic Ferrule

    Optogenetics Ceramic Ferrule

    Material: CeramicApplicable wavelength: 400-2200nmCore diameter: 100um, 200um, 300um, 400umNumerical Aperture: 0.22, 0.37Outer diameter: 1.25mm (6.4mm long), 2.5mm (10.5mm long)Core-inserting length: 10.5mm (customized)Optical fiber length: 2mm-20mm, step […]

  • Optogenetics Ceramic Ferrule Protective Cap

    Optogenetics Ceramic Ferrule Protective Cap

    Comes in a package of 200.Functions to protect the Ceramic Ferrules PC/UPC end face, as well as the ST/SC/FC patch cord.

  • Optogenetics Laser Goggles

    Optogenetic safety glasses specially made to prevent or reduce laser damage to human eyes. The optogenetics laser goggles come in two variants that work against green and yellow light, as well as a blue and green light.

    ConductScience offers Optogenetic Laser Goggles.

  • On Sale
    Optogenetics Optical Fiber

    Optogenetics Optical Fiber

    Choose between core diameter, ferule size, and numerical aperture.Applicable wavelength: 400nm-1100nmNumerical aperture: 0.22-0.37Core diameter: 100um-200um-300um-400umThe default length is 1m, the length of 1.5-5m can be customized, […]

  • Optogenetics Patchcord

    Optogenetics Patchcord

      Low insertion loss Good Repeatability High return loss Stable temperature Good mutual insertion performance  

  • Optogenetics Rotary Joint

    Optogenetics Rotary Joint

    Used in the awake and freely moving the animal to avoid fiber optic twining  

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Tools to Conduct Science

Automatic Commutator
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