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Active Place Avoidance



The APA is a circular metal arena shock grid underneath a rotating arena. The subjects are allowed to explore the arena while avoiding a prohibited sector using visual cues in and around the arena. Punishment in the form of shock is delivered to the subject if it enters the prohibited sector. Passive avoidance is observed when the arena is not rotating while active avoidance is observed when the arena is rotating.


  • The Active Place Avoidance Arena is used to assess spatial navigation and memory in rodents.
  • The rotating arena used in the Active Place Avoidance task eliminates the use of simple associations and forces the subject to keep moving to avoid the shock area.
  • The shock sector of the arena is defined by distal room cues.
  • The dry-arena makes Active Place Avoidance task suitable for evaluating spatial navigation performances of weanling rodents.
  • Active Place Avoidance can be used as an effective tool for investigating the effects of brain lesions, pharmacological manipulations, and diseases on spatial learning and memory.

Mouse, Rat

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