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  • Anesthesia Machine: Multimodal Output

    5ch Multi-output Small Animal Anesthesia Machine

    The Anesthesia Machine with Multimodal Output is designed to deliver safe and precise anesthesia administration during surgical procedures. This advanced anesthesia machine, available from Conduct Science, combines technology with user-friendly features to ensure optimal patient care and ease of use.

    The Anesthesia Machine with Multimodal Output offers a comprehensive range of functionalities to meet the diverse needs of anesthesia procedures. It features advanced ventilation modes, precise gas delivery control, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, allowing for seamless management of anesthesia during surgical procedures.

  • Anesthesia Adaptor for Stereotaxic Systems

    An anesthesia adaptor for stereotaxic systems is a device used to connect an anesthesia machine to a stereotaxic frame, allowing for the administration of anesthetic gases to small animals (such as mice or rats) during surgical procedures. The adaptor provides a connection point between the anesthesia machine and the stereotaxic frame, allowing for the delivery of anesthetic gases to the animal while maintaining the accuracy and stability of the stereotaxic frame.

  • Anesthesia Air Pump (Machine Air Source)

    The Anesthesia Air Pump is a device that continuously compresses air through the power system, generating air pressure, and providing an air source for the anesthesia machine. […]

  • Anesthesia Cone Masks(Bowl Masks) for Mouse and Rat

    The Cone Masks can be installed onto one anesthesia operation platform (300 x 210 x 75mm) for the delivery of anesthetic gases to an animal’s nose. […]

  • Anesthesia Induction Chamber

    The Anesthesia Induction Chamber is used to confine the rodent in a closed space during anesthesia procedures. The transparent material helps in visualizing the physical state of the subject; thus preventing accidental overdosing.

    An anesthesia induction chamber for rodents is a small, enclosed space designed to safely administer inhaled anesthesia to small animals such as mice or rats. The chamber is typically made of clear plastic and has a small opening for the animal to enter. Inside, the chamber has a supply of anesthetic gas, such as isoflurane, which is used to induce and maintain anesthesia during procedures. The chamber is connected to a gas source and a ventilation system to ensure that the animal is breathing the correct concentration of anesthetic gas throughout the procedure. Anesthesia induction chambers are commonly used in research settings to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals during experiments.

    ConductScience offers the Anesthesia Induction Chamber.

  • Anesthesia Machine Pole Mount

    The Anesthesia Machine Pole Mount is a type of mount that is used to securely attach an anesthesia machine to a pole in a veterinary setting. This allows for easy positioning of the machine while freeing up valuable floor space. The pole mount is designed to ensure the stability and safety of the machine, helping to prevent accidents and equipment failure.

    Our R620 enhanced mobile upgrade version is a Small Animal Anesthesia Machine that can move freely. Applicable to a variety of animals: mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, and other animals within 7 kg can be applied.

  • Anesthesia Cone Masks can be installed onto one anesthesia operation platform for delivery anesthetic gases to animal’s nose

    Anesthesia Small Animal Operation Platform (Manifold for Cone Mask)

    This innovative kit is specifically designed to facilitate safe and efficient anesthesia administration for small animals during surgical procedures.

    The anesthesia operation platform features a convenient manifold system that allows for the attachment of a single cone mask. This ensures precise and controlled delivery of anesthesia to the animal, minimizing the risk of overdose or underdose.

    The platform is designed with the comfort and safety of the animal in mind. It provides a stable and secure surface for the animal to rest on during the procedure, allowing for easy access to the surgical site. The non-slip surface helps to prevent any accidental slips or injuries.

    The kit includes all the necessary components for a complete anesthesia setup, including the manifold, cone mask, and connecting tubing. The components are made from high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean, ensuring long-term reliability and hygiene.

    With the Small Animal Anesthesia Operation Platform, veterinarians and researchers can perform anesthesia procedures with confidence and precision. It is an essential tool for small animal surgeries, providing a reliable and efficient solution for anesthesia administration.

    ConductScience offers the Small Animal Anesthesia Operation Platform.

  • Anesthetic vaporizers are used in the administration of volatile anesthetics.

    Anesthetic Vaporizer

    Anesthetic Vaporizers are used in the administration of volatile anesthetics. The device works by controlling the vaporization of the liquid anesthetic agent and delivering a reliable concentration to the subject.

    Conduct Science offers Anesthetic Vaporizers.

  • On Sale
    Ventilator Assisted Passive Anesthesia System

    Animal Ventilator and Anesthesia System

    When working with animals suffering from some diseases like myocardial ischemia, cerebral ischemia, pulmonary ischemia, lung imaging, hypertension, cerebral infarction, thrombus, and so on, which leads […]

  • Breathing bags in an anesthetic system are collapsible ellipsoid containers that serve as a reservoir for anesthetic gases and as a mean for manual ventilation

    Breathing Bags

    Anesthesia breathing bags are devices used in the administration of anesthesia. They are used to manually ventilate a patient during surgery when a mechanical ventilator is not available. The bags come in various sizes and are made of latex or latex-free materials. They are connected to an anesthesia machine or a simple oxygen source, and the clinician squeezes the bag to deliver breaths to the patient.

  • Modified Mapleson D System - Non Rebreathing Circuit (Bain Coaxial)

    Breathing Circuit

    A rodent anesthesia breathing circuit is a system that delivers anesthetic gases to a small rodent during surgical procedures.

    The anesthetic gas is delivered to the animal through the circuit tubing, allowing the animal to breathe in the anesthetic and maintain unconsciousness throughout the procedure. The rebreathing bag captures exhaled gases and recycles them back into the circuit, helping to conserve the anesthetic gas. The reservoir bag acts as a backup supply of oxygen, while the gas scavenging system captures and removes waste anesthetic gases from the environment.

  • Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Device

    5 out of 5

    Our Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Machine is the best solution for animal surgical procedures in small laboratories.

    With a compact, modern, and lightweight design, the Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Machine is easy to transport and store, it has the features of our Complete Anesthesia Solutions but is cost-effective and with a flexible design, suitable for labs with limited space. The Compact Anesthesia Machine features a user-friendly interface and adjustable settings for precise control of the flow rate, ensuring safe and accurate administration of anesthesia to small rodents within 7kg, such as rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, and more.

    The Anesthesia Machine is equipped with a gas delivery system and a low-maintenance vaporizer device to provide consistent delivery of anesthesia. The Small Animal Anesthesia Device also includes the connection tubing for masks and the anesthesia induction chamber.

    ConductScience offers the Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Machine. Please inquire for more information.

  • Standard Active Anesthesia System

    Complete Active Anesthesia System: Bowl Mask

    Specifications Comes with the following items, the key difference with this system is the active scavenging system as well as the surgical platform inclusion SKU Product […]

  • Endotracheal Tubes

    Endotracheal Tubes

    Endotracheal tubes (ETT) are used in anesthesia to maintain an open airway during surgery. They are inserted into the trachea through the mouth or nose and secure in place with a cuff that seals the trachea and prevents air from leaking. ETTs are connected to an anesthesia machine and a breathing circuit for mechanical ventilation. ETTs also protect the airway from aspirating stomach contents and secretions. Comes in a pack of 100 units.

    1 set of 10 = $28

    1 pack of 10 sets = $25/each

  • Anesthesia Machine: Standard Rodent

    Enhanced Small Animal Anesthesia Device

    The Enhanced Anesthesia Machine for Rodents is a high-quality and reliable apparatus designed to ensure safe and effective anesthesia administration in rodent research. With its advanced features and precise control, this machine offers researchers the confidence and control needed for successful procedures.

    ConductScience offers the Enhanced Anesthesia Machine.

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5ch Multi-output Small Animal Anesthesia Machine
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