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  • Anesthesia Adaptor for Stereotaxic Systems

    An anesthesia adaptor for stereotaxic systems is a device used to connect an anesthesia machine to a stereotaxic frame, allowing for the administration of anesthetic gases to small animals (such as mice or rats) during surgical procedures. The adaptor provides a connection point between the anesthesia machine and the stereotaxic frame, allowing for the delivery of anesthetic gases to the animal while maintaining the accuracy and stability of the stereotaxic frame.

  • Automated Stereotaxic Instrument for GRIN Lens Implantation

    ConductScience’s Automatic Lens Implantation Locator is a precision instrument used for Grin Lens implantation surgery in deep-brain calcium imaging experiments. The instrument accurately controls the stepper motor through computer software, and then drives the locator operating arm to move, combined with the vacuum pump automatic precision Remove the brain tissue to better implant the lens. The experiment greatly reduced the damage caused by traditional manual operations to the animal brain, thereby improving the quality of neuronal imaging and the success rate of the experiment.

  • The binocular surgical microscope - product image

    Binocular Surgical Microscope

    The Binocular Operating Microscope is a simple single-person binocular coaxial illumination operating microscope. The body is small and light, with a high degree of flexibility, which can meet the requirements of general animal microsurgery.

    The microscope is often configured with a three-stage zoom, the microscope image quality is clear, and the field of view is large. This instrument uses a cold light source for illumination, with no damage to the tissue, and sufficient and uniform illumination.

  • Brain Matrix: Coronal Section

    Brain Matrix: Coronal Section

    Features Conduct Science coronal brain matrices are crafted from stainless steel. They aid in the dissection of specific regions of a rodent brain, enabling the investigator […]

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    Sagittal brain matrix by Conduct Science was designed to section the brain into sagittal slices

    Brain Matrix: Saggittal Section

    Features Conduct Science Sagittal Brain Matrices are used to section the brain into sagittal slices. Crafted from stainless steel, they aid in the dissection of specific […]

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  • Cortical Contusion Impactor

    The Stereotaxic Head Trauma Contusion Device or Cortical Contusion Impactor (for rat and mice) enables researchers to induce traumatic brain injury (TBI) in animal models with great precision and control.

    This device allows for reproducible and focal brain injury, making it an essential tool for neuroscience research. The device is fully adjustable and can be customized to the researcher’s specific requirements, ensuring that the impact is delivered to the exact location in the brain that is of interest.

    One of the key features of this device is its highly sensitive pressure transducer, which ensures that the force of impact is precisely controlled. This level of precision is critical for researchers who need to induce consistent and reproducible injuries in animal models.

    The Stereotaxic Head Trauma Contusion Device can be used in both rat and mouse models, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of research applications. It can be adapted to the Stereotaxic frame to perform the experiment.

    ConductScience offers the Cortical Contusion Impactor and more Stereotaxic solutions.

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    The Desktop Binocular Stereo Microscope

    Desktop Binocular Stereo Microscope

    • View field diameter: 20mm
    • 0.7X-4.5X Objective lens ratio 1:6.4
    • Binocular Drawtube: Pupil Distance 55-77mm
    • Diopter adjustment ±5 ,Diopter 45° Incline 360°Spin
    • View field: 31.2 mm -5.1mm
    • Total Magnification:   7X-45X(10X Eyepiece), 3.5X-22.5X(10X Eyepiece +0.5X Assist lens)
    • Working Distance
      • 100mm(10X Eyepiece)
      • 170mm(10X Eyepiece +0.5X Assist lens)
    • Package Items: Universal support(1 unit), Binocular drawtube (1 unit),10X Eyepiece(1 pair) , 0.5X Objective Lens (1 unit), Blinder (1 unit), Dust cover (1 unit), Instruction Manual (1 unit)
  • Desktop Digital Stereotaxic Instrument for Rat

    The Desktop Digital Stereotaxic Instrument has all the features of the Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, with a displacement sensor, and an LCD digital display screen are added to the three-dimensional operating arm of the original Standard Stereotaxic Instrument.

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    Digital Microscope

    Digital Microscope

    ConductScience’s Digital Microscope professional digital microscope with a precise operation such as thousand brain positioning or surgical experiment can deliver real-time experimental pictures, high magnification, clear image, economical and reliable, especially for teaching experiments.

    Our 77001D Digital Microscope released the eyes of the experimenter, greatly alleviating eye and cervical discomfort caused by long- term observation with a traditional microscope.

    The focusing distance of the digital microscope is 180mm, which provides more space for the surgeon’s surgical operation. At the same time, it can also perform vertical or oblique angle imaging according to the experimental conditions to find a better viewing angle.

  • This model of ear bars is specifically designed for mouse with a fragile skull.

    Ear Bar

    This model of ear bars is specifically designed for mouse with a fragile skull.

    This ear bar is 18º and 45º tip and can be easily put into the ear canal.

  • Ear Bars Pack

    Stereotaxic Ear Bar Package   SKU Product Description Unity RWD-68301 18°Ear Bars for Rat, One pair Pcs RWD-68302 45°Ear Bars for Rat, One pair Pcs RWD-68303 […]

  • Homeothermic Monitoring System – Temperature Controller Thermostar

    During the process of animal surgery or acute anesthetized animal experiment, maintaining animals’ body temperature is very important for the accuracy and reliability of the results, furthermore, it is an important way to reduce the mortality of the animals. To fulfill this need, we have a new generation of homothermic monitoring system “Thermostar”, which is a closed-loop temperature monitor/control system for rodents. The system includes the control unit, 1 flexible rectal probe, 1 heating pad, and 1 heat insulation pad.


    The Homeothermic monitoring system is controlled using a 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen, this user interface allows for a clear view of the subject’s real-time core body temperature, the target temperature, and heating state. Audible alarms can be set to alert the user for abnormalities in the subject’s core body temperature.


    ConductScience offers the Homeothermic System.

  • Injection Cone for Rat (Animal Cone Holder)

    The Injection Cone is designed to be used with rodents, namely rats and mice for fast and efficient batch injection. The injection cone is made with transparent acrylic material, durable, easy to clean, and stable to manage.


    ConductScience offers the Injection Cone and Injection Cone with Light

  • Micro Syringe Holder

    Syringe Clamping Rage of 14mm-14.3mm

  • Needle Clamp for Stereotaxic Arm

    Clamp Range of 0.3mm-1.5mm

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Tools to Conduct Science

Anesthesia Adaptor for Stereotaxic Systems
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