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What are R13 and R15 Grants and How to Get One

The R13 grant is a Research Conference Grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that finances high-level scientific conferences, in the form of symposiums, meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. that are compatible with the NIH’s mission and the general public. The R15 grant is NIH’s Research Enhancement Award that promotes…
July 30, 2019
ConductTech Transfer

Easy Access IP

Easy Access IP & Conduct Science: When Ideas and Solutions MeetScientific know-how is evolving, and the advancement of new technology can only benefit society. It’s not surprising that the majority of research institutions have started to implement more and more digital solutions into practice. However, technological innovations in some universities…
July 20, 2019
ConductGrants and Funding

A Complete Guide of How to Apply For NIH Grant

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards the grants through 24 grant-awarding institutes and centers for biomedical and public health research. Early-career academic scientists are most likely to be interested in research project grants, fellowships, and career development awards. As a young scientist doing research directly related to human health, you need to…
July 2, 2019