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Flexible Module Construction

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Flexible Modules for your Study

Subjective Modules

Capture symptoms, emotions, thoughts, & sensations

Objective Modules

Capture physical metrics, functions, habits & activities

Advanced Modules

Utilize mobile technology in groundbreaking ways

Planning Modules

Implement, integrate w EMR, Branding, & Monetization

Flexible Core Features

There are countless ways Qolty can help you get published

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Patient Self Report View

Push Notifications

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Researcher Dashboard

Qolty makes it easy to track your patient’s data, analyze, and export. Data stays on our servers for years after your study so you’ll never lose your hard work. We’re here for you.

  • Powerful visualizations
  • Customize push notifications
  • Send educational materials
  • Easy Export
  • Lifetime customer support

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Keep your Data

Data generated through Qolty will always be yours, in rights to publish, monetize, and create.

Flexible Options

Qolty’s platform comes with a significant amount of custom possibilities so that you can go in any direction for your study.

Easy Maintenance

We’ll take care of the difficult technical details and maintain your app over time once built. Simply pay as you scale your app to more users, always ensuring that your digital health tool is profitable.

Tech Transfer

Qolty comes with proprietary tech transfer options through InventionUP, allowing you to monetize and bring your digital health tool to market in ways never before possible. You did the research, you should benefit from your work.

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