Digital Health

Research Developers

Your study goes to iOS/Android/Desktop/Web

Cross Platform


Flexible Module Construction

Only what you need

For your Study

Flexible Development for your Study

Subjetive Tech

Capture symptons, emotions, thoughts & sensations

Objective Tech

Capture physical metrics, functions, habits & activities

Advanced Tech

Utilize mobile technology in groundbreaking ways

Planning Tech

Implement, integrate w EMR, Branding & Monetization

Flexible Digital Development

Rich Patient Data

Researcher Dashboard

ConductScience makes it easy to create the tools you need to track your patient’s data, analyze, and export. Your app intervention, your data. We do the work. You get published.

Powerful visualizations

Customize push notifications

Send educational materials

Easy Export

Long term support services

Get published easier. Keep your data. Stay in control.

Keep your IP

As subcontracted developers, data generated in your app developed through ConductScience will always be yours, in rights to publish, monetize, and create.

Flexible Options

Conduct Science has experienced digital health developers for a wide array of custom possibilities for your study.

Easy Project Management

We’ll take care of the headaches. We’ll schedule meetings, nudge you on periodic check-ins and feedback, and help manage your study and technology.

Tech Transfer

ConductScience comes with optional Tech Transfer options, to monetize and bring your digital health tool to market in ways never before possible. You did the research, you should benefit from your work.

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