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  • Microdrill - simple and easy to use the drill for insertion of cannulas, electrodes, microdialysis probes, and other devices post trephination

    Drill Bits for Microdrill

      SKU Product Name Qty RWD-78040 Drill Bits HM1005 0.5mm, Round Tip, pkg of 5 1 RWD-78041 Drill Bits HM1006 0.6mm, Round Tip, pkg of 5 […]

  • Homeothermic Monitoring System – Temperature Controller Thermostar

    During the process of animal surgery or acute anesthetized animal experiment, maintaining animals’ body temperature is very important for the accuracy and reliability of the results, furthermore, it is an important way to reduce the mortality of the animals. To fulfill this need, we have a new generation of homothermic monitoring system “Thermostar”, which is a closed-loop temperature monitor/control system for rodents. The system includes the control unit, 1 flexible rectal probe, 1 heating pad, and 1 heat insulation pad.


    The Homeothermic monitoring system is controlled using a 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen, this user interface allows for a clear view of the subject’s real-time core body temperature, the target temperature, and heating state. Audible alarms can be set to alert the user for abnormalities in the subject’s core body temperature.


    ConductScience offers the Homeothermic System.

  • Injection Cone for Rat (Animal Cone Holder)

    The Injection Cone is designed to be used with rodents, namely rats and mice for fast and efficient batch injection. The injection cone is made with transparent acrylic material, durable, easy to clean, and stable to manage.


    ConductScience offers the Injection Cone and Injection Cone with Light

  • Injection Cone with Light for Rodents

    Injection Cone with Light

    The injection Cone with Light can efficiently illuminate a mouse tail for easy and quick injection or blood sampling, allowing accurate vein finding and avoiding bleeding. This is the most effective restraint for tail vein injections. This tool is useful for large quantity samplings and the unique design allows an efficient positioning of tailed rodents for maximum results. Our injection cones are an essential tool for any researcher that aims for efficiency and high speed in tail vein injections.

    ConductScience offers the Injection Cone with Light

  • Microdrill


    The Microdrill is made for cranial perforation function. It can be either a hand-held drill or fixed to the cranial drill holder of the stereotactic instrument, which makes it simple to operate and easy to master.

  • Microdrill Bit

  • Rodent Heating Pad

    The Heating Pads are part of our Homeothermic Monitoring System. You just need to plug the pads into the controller to heat the rodent. The pads are useful to warm animals quickly and to use before, during, and after surgical procedures.

    Made of silicone the pads are made to resist high temperatures, easy to clean, with 3 different sizes, and suitable for different experimental platforms.

    ConductScience offers Heating Pads and the Homeothermic Monitoring System.

  • Stereotaxic Microdrill Holder

    Stereotaxic Microdrill Holder

    A stereotaxic microdrill holder is a tool used in neurosurgery to precisely position a microdrill at a specific location in the brain. The tool is attached to a stereotaxic frame, which is a device that allows for the precise localization of specific brain regions.

    The Microdrill Holder fixes the hand-held cranial drill to the operating arm of the locator controlling the drilling depth through the lifting of the operating arm. With this, the procedure is simple and accurate to avoid damage to the animal’s brain tissue or excessive drilling.

    The holding range is 14.5mm.

    Conduct Science offers Microdrill Holders and Microdrill

  • Thermal Sensor

    Thermal Sensor

    Gives the ability of your temperature controller to receive real-time feedback from a heating pad, automatically controlling the homeostatic temperature of your rodent or animal model. […]


Tools to Conduct Science

Drill Bits for Microdrill
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