Injection Cone




Our Injection Cone is the quickest and easiest restraint for tail vein injections

We offer unique injection cone for rodent which are manufactured by our professional team with high-quality materials, which guarantees a product with great durability.

They are an extremely useful tool for large quantity samplings and their unique design allows an efficient positioning of tailed rodent for maximum results.

Our injection cones are an essential tool for any researcher that aims for efficiency and high speed in tail vein injections.

The completely transparent design of our injection cones provides a complete vision of the animal, and its four suction cup feet secure the unit firmly to the countertop.

The rodent is held secure in the clear plastic cone and the researcher can realize the procedure with maximum efficiency, limiting the chances of stressing the animal.

We offer our injection cones for mouse and rat and we have a unit that posses a bright light illumination system for optimal results.


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Mouse, Rat