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Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Device



Inhalation gas anesthesia has become the current international mainstream animal anesthesia. Compared with traditional injection anesthesia, inhaled anesthesia has the advantages of rapid anesthesia and rapid recovery, easy to control depth, low morbidity, and mortality of animals, no participation in metabolism, and meets the international animal welfare standards. Therefore, it has been widely recognized and applied by researchers and pet clinicians worldwide.

Compact Series Anesthesia Machine is a simplification of the original to provide a simpler, lighter, more functional, safe, and efficient small animal gas anesthesia equipment, in order to better promote inhaled anesthesia technology, calling for the world Scientists are concerned about animal welfare. Compared with other models of anesthesia machines, the Compact Anesthesia Machine is designed to be more streamlined, retaining the core anesthesia function and laughing gas to expand the hole position of the flowmeter.

  1. One-button rapid oxygenation: It can not only expel the anesthetic gas in the induction box at the end of the induction of anesthesia, but also protect the experimenter intimately to avoid inhaling residual anesthetic gas, or provide oxygen rescue to the over-anesthetized animal during the experiment, so as to ensure the safety of the anesthetized animal at all times. He died of numbness.
  2. One second air path conversion: Independent Toggle switch design, rapid change induced by the anesthetic gas passage between the cartridge and the animal mask.
  3. Two installation methods: Light and compact shaped, can be placed on the desktop and, also be upgraded to mobile.
  4. Two Anesthesia Machines Evaporators: Isoflurane and Sevoflurane are available.
  5. Two fixing methods: Cagemount and selectatec are available.
  6. Three dosing methods: Pour Fill, Easy Fill and Key Fill are available.
  7. Three gas source combinations: Oxygen, air  can be used as the gas source. At the same time, the dual flowmeter can be expanded to increase the no gas source and improve the anesthetic efficiency.
  8. Suitable for a variety of animals: Mouse, Rats, Rabbits, Cats, Guinea Pigs.
  9. A variety of anesthesia masks: Dozens of anesthesia masks for a variety of animals and different anesthesia applications (such as compatible masks, brain stereotactic masks, etc)
  10. Full inspection mechanism:  Fully inspected at the factory, and each one is accurately checked.
  11. Omni-directional operator and laboratory animal protection:
  12. Complete Solution: Combined with our air source system, filter recovery system, and brain stereotaxic instrument, ventilator, and various brain injection, cannula implantation, physiological research, and microdialysis sampling related instruments, one solution – all experimental needs.


Evaporation tank

Calibration method


Laser calibration technology

Output concentration

0.50%-5.00% (isoflurane); 0.50%-8.00% (sevoflurane)

Output accuracy

±0.1 (0-1%); ±0.15 (>1%)

Anesthetic capacity

120 ml (volume between the maximum and minimum two tick marks)

Working environment range




    0.2 L/min-10 L/min


    5%-90% RH



    3.85 kg


Height * depth * width: 206*210*140 mm


0-4 L/min (0-1 L/min and 0-4 L/min two flow meters are optional)

Total Weight

<7.5 kg

Applicable animals and number

Rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, and other animals within 7 kg, one to more


Isoflurane, Sevoflurane


Easy, Key

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Compact Small Animal Anesthesia Device

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