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Brain Matrix: Saggittal Section




Conduct Science Sagittal Brain Matrices are used to section the brain into sagittal slices. Crafted from stainless steel, they aid in the dissection of specific regions of a rodent’s brain, enabling the investigator to slice repeatable sagittal sections of the sample. This provides precise blocking before microtome sectioning and the excision of small, reproducible brain regions for biochemical analysis, such as the determination of metabolite and neurotransmitter concentrations. Individual areas of the brain may be dissected, stained, or micro punched from the slices created.


Our sagittal brain matrices are specifically designed and developed for long-term use. They are sturdy and can be autoclaved, heated, chilled, and even used by undergrads. They also have the additional feature of a mid-line cut to facilitate splitting of the left and right hemispheres.


Each matrix has been precisely machined to ensure reproducible sections. This allows the investigator to slice sagittal sections at 1mm intervals. Olfactory and spinal notches included. Other sizes and materials are available upon request. Feel free to contact Technical Support for additional information.




  1. Highest Quality – built from high-quality stainless steel (harder than acrylic, aluminum, and zinc), our matrices are guaranteed to withstand repeated autoclave sterilizing cycles and scrubbing without damaging the surfaces.
  2. Highly Accurate – the durable stainless steel material drives the cutting blade firmly to provide the accuracy needed for your experiment/research.
  3. Superfine – cutting-edge manufacturing techniques ensure the narrowest channels separated by the finest walls available in the market, allowing you to dissect your sample into fine slices that are as much as 30 percent thinner than previously attainable with standard 1.0 mm matrices.
  4. Multiple Uses – our matrices are perfect for creating sections for biochemical analysis of various substances; for pharmacokinetic studies using the brain slice uptake technique; and for accurate blocking prior to microtome sectioning.



0-175, 175-300, 300-600


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Brain Matrix: Saggittal Section

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