Homeothermic Monitoring System – Temperature Controller Thermostar


During the process of animal surgery or acute anesthetized animal experiment, maintaining animals’ body temperature is very important for the accuracy and reliability of the results, furthermore, it is an important way to reduce the mortality of the animals. To fulfill this need, RWD launched a new generation of homothermic monitoring system “Thermostar”, which is a closed loop temperature monitor/control system for rodents. The system includes the control unit, 1 flexible rectal probes, 1 heating pads and 1 heat insulation pads.
The control unit acquired a 4.3 inch color LCD touch screen, this user interface allows users to clearly view the subject’s real-time core body temperature, set the target temperature, view the heating state and set audible alarms for subject’s core body temperature abnormality. A specific control circuit for heating pad and rectal probe, respectively, to ensure the stability and safety of the system.


  • A closed loop system with rectal probe
  •  Easy-to-use color touch screen control
  •  Two channel with independent control
  •  Precise and stable control of a subject’s temperature
  •  Easy to clean, flexible heating pad
  •  Multiple heating pad sizes available
  •  Audible alarms function
  •  Centigrade(℃)and Fahrenheit degree (℉) mode displa
  •  Real-time display of the working status of the heating pad, and monitor the working state of the channel: idle (IDLE), warning (WARNING), standby (STANDBY)   and normal work
  •  Heating range:20-45 ℃, 0.1 ℃ resolution , Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit can be switched
  •  Power supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  •  Control unit size: L205 x W148 x H80 mm
  •  Control unit weight: 1.3 kg
Double channels were displayed in the user interface (UI), which enables two animals’ surgeries and experiments independently at the same time.
UI displays a working progress bar of the heating pads, and the rectal probes working status: Idle, Warning, Standby and Working.
The temperature control accuracy is up to 0.1 Celsius, and switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
It only takes minutes to rise from room temperature to 37 ℃ by rapid heating technique.
UI also provides switches for various prompts and alarms,
Monitoring heating pads and rectal probes data at the same time, independent control circuits for heating pads and rectal probes ensure the stability and safety of the system.
Easy-to-clean heating pads are made of non-toxic thermostable silica gel;
Three different sizes heating pads are available to fit all your surgical/experimental needs;
Medium – – 9.0*17.0cm
Small —7.0*10.0cm
A corresponding heat insulating pad is underneath every heating pad to avoid temperature loss


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