Tricolor Multichannel Fiber Photometry System


The R820 three-color multi-channel optical fiber recording system has three wavelengths, which can record green fluorescent indicators or neurotransmitter probes such as GCaMP and dLight, and red indicators or neurotransmitter probe signals such as RCaMP and jrGECO1a. The light source was used to acquire the control signal and noise was excluded.


1. Three excitation lights are used for control (isosbestic), green fluorescence, and red fluorescence excitation;

2. Multi-channel acquisition, which supports up to 9 channels, to meet the simultaneous experiment of multiple animals or multiple brain regions;

3. High-sensitivity dual detectors, independent time-series acquisition to avoid fluorescence crosstalk;

4. Professional acquisition and analysis software, rich data processing functions, no need for Matlab programming, simple operation, flexible and convenient

5. Flexible application of multiple acquisition modes including continuous acquisition, interval acquisition, trigger acquisition, delayed acquisition, and timing acquisition;

6. Real-time DeltaF/F acquisition display, check the signal change scale during the acquisition process;

7. Synchronous behavior video capture, support simultaneous capture of multiple behavior cameras;

8. Custom adjustment of output signal parameters, easy triggering and control of external stimulation equipment, and closed-loop control of stimulation and recording




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