Fiber-Lite Illuminator

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This device is a fiber-beam cold light source that has dual-fiber coaxial lighting, good field of view brightness, stable output voltage, safe and reliable bulb use, compact appearance, and more features. It can ensure a clear view under the microscope in ordinary rooms, and It has little effect on the observation index.

ConductScience offers the Fiber Lite Illuminator.


  • This apparatus generates white light for a clear view of surgical procedures.
  • Input Power:230V AC/50Hz
  • Bulb Power:21V, 150W
  • Rated Life: Approx 300h
  • Color temperature:3200K, color correction filters are optional(3000-6500k)
  • Type of Cooling: Air cooling
  • Weight: 2.76Kg
  • Dimension: 28.0 cm x 10.0 cm x 16.5 cm

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