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Portable Colorimeter


  • This instrument is equipped with a 10ml glass bottle by default, which is convenient and quick to operate.
  • Several parameter detections. This instrument supports wavelengths of 420nm,470nm,520nm, and 620nm, and can support several parameter detections.
  • The default configuration of this instrument is 10MB storage space, which can save 5000 test results. Optional memory can be expanded to 1GB.
  • This instrument has 5 keys, an acrylic protection panel, long service life.
  • The interface is waterproof and can be connected to the Android data line.
  • Test results are saved manually to save the storage space.
  • Power supply: USB power supply, Nº 7 battery power supply.
  • Connect the computer, disk character “LH-M900”.


Technical Information
Absorbance measuring range0-3.0 Abs
Stability of optical path≤±0.005Abs/30min
Absorbance resolution0.001Abs
IP ClassIP65 above
LED operating life100000 hours
Optical filter life5 years
Rated capacity0.3W
Operating repeatable≤±0.01Abs


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