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Cellulose Acetate Membranes (50pcs/box)


Cellulose acetate is derived from the acetylation of filter papers, which are made of pure cellulose. The acetylation is generally in the C-3 and C-6 positions of the glucose ring (Rochetti & Gelfi, 2001). Cellulose acetate possesses larger pores than other popular electrophoretic matrices such as agarose and polyacrylamide (Walker, 2010). Vital to conduct electrophoresis techniques, cellulose acetate membranes or stripes made are used as a support matrix to separate components in the sample. Cellulose acetate provides a molecular sieving effect on electrophoretic separation of the sample, based on the size of the pores between the molecules of the support matrix. 


See our cellulose acetate tutorial and article here


Soft cellulose acetate membranes are available in the following sizes:


20 x 80mm (50 pieces) 
70 x 90mm (50 pieces)$130 per box
120 x 80mm (50 pieces)  
300 x 3000mm 



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